Talent Team

Talent Team provides offshore staffing augmentation, recruitment and people management services for a range of industries, including technical IT, engineering, financial and administrative services. Based in Cebu City, Talent Team can source the right skills and people for your business, whether they are based locally in Cebu and structured to be 100% onsite, or hybrid within our offices, or managed 100% remote from anywhere in the Philippines.

Our business was formed as a result of the skills shortages faced by many countries after the Covid-19 pandemic subsided and many economies surged ahead, quickly running dry of highly skilled technical staff, administrative staff and even many unskilled labour groups. Merging our decades of experience in the recruitment and labour hire industry with our experiences working with offshore professionals in the Philippines, Talent Team aims to provide a highly responsive combination of recruitment, staff management and payrolling services to clients in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

How We Can Help

Our service offering can help from the most basic Virtual Assistant requirement for a small business only needing one additional staff member, to building whole teams or offshore offices anywhere in the Philippines. We can also work with you if your team is to be completely remote/work-from-home based. For larger teams we offer volume discounting, and for bespoke office setups tailored entirely for your new team, we work with you across a multi-year approach to deliver stability and certainty for your own branded office, while we continue to run your back-office payroll and compliance. Additionally, if you one day plan to create your own Philippine entity, we can be the bridge from starting offshore, through to maturing your own business over here. Talk to us so that we can build an approach that suits you!

Let’s work together for your business’ success!

Let’s work together for your business’ success!